Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aussie day!

SMOTHC - Superman 1979

All I remember is he can look through dresses and see pink panties. Why not look further Superman, it's obvious Lois is a bit trampy.

I watched the extended version with a whole 50 mins dedicated to Krypton and the fact its gonna blow up but Clarks sorry Kal-els father is the only super smart braniac scientist that can see it coming. The others must just be average run of the mill smart scientist.

side note: Aliens cloths glow like they been raving under blacklights.

Sadly this is where the movie takes a leap from the good to bad, with the introduction of Lex Luther and his henchman to the absurd turning back time by flying round the earth so fast that the rotation reverses. Physics 101 of course!

I used to think this movie was the bees knees, honestly I loved it as a kid and held it in high esteem until this 3rd? rewatch, Now at 25 I see it for what it is.

Am sad, I don't wanna watch the sequels now incase they are shit too. Maybe I'll put the 2nd one on and realise Ursula is not a sexy independent woman but a feminist man hater and that Zod is actually only scary because of his beard.

Not that my rating will change it's rating on IMDB but I will give it 6/10, only because Christopher Reeves and Marlon Brando's stellar performances.

Other news:

It's Australia day today. My understanding of it is, it's a celebration of the day Captain Phillip bumped his boat into Sydney Cove thus starting the great age of singlets and thongs. I've also learned that it was not called Australia until 1826, a whole 38 years after it was "discovered". Here was me thinking it was just another excuse for the Aussies to drink beer and have BBQ's.

Aussie beer garden...

Last week in this Hostel, gotta be out for Wednesday. There may be an options of house sharing with a few other inmates. Did I ever mention that this hostel is an ex Mental asylum, it's true back in the early 1900's. Room 4 used to be a morgue!

I bought a new toy! A tablet, na no iPad for me, Apple are too restrictive. I opted for an Android the Motorola Xoom to be precise. Got it on sale and IT IS AWESOME. So smooth and intuitive, it's running Honeycomb but I believe it will be getting an update to ICS very soon and then it will be epic. SPent too much money that day so have to be a good boy for a wee while now. Well except for today cus I need to buy new headphone and a mem card for the the thing.

Speak soon TTYL.....


Mynx said...

Hope you enjoyed a fabulous Australia Day.