Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oh the joys.....

Packing, it's one of those love hate relationships. I hate doing it at the time but then love it when its completed, that sense of satisfaction you get from accomplishing the seemingly impossible. Incidentally the same feeling you get when you play Tetris.

you may peruse my belongings.

Yup, you guessed correct, am moving again. This time we have to jump ship to another hostel because these guys are chucking us out. Am sure i've mentioned it, they "won" a contract to house 70 Papua New Guinea students and the contract means that the whole place has to be for them so we are getting the boot.

Weird to say the least, this hostels capacity is around 130 so there is plenty of room and it's not like Kylie and I are druggies or big drinkers but I guess "big" money speaks louder to business owners.

I've been working the day shifts for the past 3 weeks 10.30 till 6. Then yesterday I had to do some cover work and was working till 9pm. Turns out 90% of the people on nite shift thought I had left altogether. Communication seems to be a problem in this bar.

But they will see enough of me soon as I will be going back to nites. A new lady, a new full time lady, a new full time Australian lady will be taking over from now on. Am not pissed but I do have to get used to the stupid drunk people again.

Not much else to say today other than, have you seen a TV show called Breaking Bad? It is a must watch if your into things like Dexter or Sopranos.

I'll leave you to make what you will from this image. I will say however that it is a very smart show, well written and well acted. Very adult orientated subject matter, which makes it into my top 10 tv shows.

bye for now.


Mynx said...

sounds like you are pretty settled in up north

Darren said...

Been meaning to watch Breaking Bad for maybe years now...I got Netflix this month and its on there ( along with 20,000 + other things) I have to Netflix is amazing...

ThomasMcCool said...

yeah, so much for backpacking Trish. For now we'll stay put but plans are afoot. I am suprised I made it through Jan tho, heat has been unbelievable.

Hey Darren, make this show top of ur to watch list. Hal from Malcolm in the Middle no more, he shall forever be known as Mr. White.

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