Monday, 2 January 2012

Square eyes

Essentially during this festive period all I do is watch movies

It started with the Santa clause of course on x-mas day, Tim Allen in one of his best roles.

Then came the movie night at the cinema with Sherlock Holmes 2 and Inbetweeners. If you remember we where supposed to watch a 3rd but bailed and that was Warrior.

Robert Downey Jr in my view is one of the most talented actors a man can get. I guess he draws on all his "life experience". He plays insane/alcoholic so well. Then being backed up by Jude law made this movie dare i say better than the first.

The inbetweeners for those not in the know is a British comedy television show based in a high school, one which I never watched. This was the movie that closed the book on the school years. I guess you could say it is the pommie version of American Pie, instead of apple I guess steak and ale would be in its place.

As I said we bailed on the Warrior, it was 4am we where tired and Kylie was hungry. I'll come back to this one tho. That was boxing nite.

Then came Conan the Barbarian, the new one. It was very good and has a favourite actor of mine as the lead. The huge Jason Mamoa. He had mighty big shoes to fill, read replace and you know what he pulled it off. I was also very impressed by the actor who played the younger version, Leo Howard

Ice Age - Mammoth X-mas was next, A hilarious 25min x-mas spin-off.

Apollo 18, essentially Clover-field on the moon. The same "found footage" movie that makes me puke when seen on the large screen. So I watched this on my netbook and yep, didn't puke.

I started to watch Scorpion King 3, yeah I didn't know it existed either. It was so awful I turned it off after 15mins. Awful, just awful. Please take my word for it and don't waste your money on it.

I read a blog by a guy called Joseph Mallozzi, he is a writer. Television shows, movies and has even got a comic book series coming out in the new year this month.

Anyways he has started a superhero movie of the week club and I have opted to join in the fun. 1st up is "Superman and the Mole Men" 1951 encase your interested. Watched it today on Youtube. Yes legally, as the copyright has run out. I wanna use this little club as post fodder so my next post will contain thoughts on this movie.

It being only 58 mins long I decided that I wanted to go to the cinema and watch a long movie. I choose MI:IV Ghost protocol. Guess what, it was too long. Got kinda bored which is weird cus I love the previous 3 Mission Impossibles.

I'll let you get back to whatever it was you where doing now. I'll give you my thoughts on the Warrior along with Superman tomorrow.


Rachel said...

I still need to watch Conan. I only wanna see it to see Jason Mamoa :P I've never seen the Arnie one, so maybe I should watch that one first.

It's just too odd to think of how alike we are, watching movies like Cloverfield on a big screen makes me puke too.... DUN DUN DUN