Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Superhero Movie of the Week Club.

I've joined a superhero movie of the week club. A script writer and daily blogger Joesph Mallozzi had the idea. He is one of the writers from my favourite tv shows. The Stargate series.

So 1st up is the original Superman movie from way back in 1951. Superman and the Mole Men, starring George Reeves

When I watch old movies, pre 1960 I change the filter in my brain. What I mean by that is that I try to forget everything that modern cinema has offered and wind your brain back to a time when social values where much much different to todays. Would a movie like Saw have made it past the censors back then... No way in Hell.

So to the movie itself. Well it's Superman, so good start.

Being only a few years after the end of the war the story plays upon the invasion storyline. Except the invaders come from underground and are Mole Men (no mole women I guess).

Except the Molmen arn't invading, it's the jumping of conclusions from the local towns folk that get that ball rolling.

The town have dug the deepest oil well in history and at 6 miles hit nothing, The earth is hollow and that where these we beasties come from.

Then it all plays out from there. The towns folk get there mob on and start chasing these critters all over the place, with a chase scene that felt like it lasted forever. Superman does his thing and steps in and save the day. Well not quite one of the Molemen gets hurt and he has to whoosh it to hospital.

Then the others come to the surface with a weapon and get there sick friend back.

See simpler times.

The acting in this movie was superb. Reeves played the all action hero to perfection, Phyliis Coates' lois lane was the right amount of ballsy and the leaders of the mob played what I thought was the best roles, angry, protective types. Act now ask questions later. Of course I gotta tip my hat to the creepy mole men too.

I say this is a good start to the SMOTWC, yeah we shall find a better moniker. Next up is the 1966 Batman Movie. I already know its cheesy and camp and that htere is an exploding shark within the 1st 10 mins. That will be a hard one to watch.

P.S. Go to his blog, it's very cool. He talks about food, his dogs and his Japanese Girly friend. http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/ (to lazy to h-ref again)