Friday, 6 January 2012


Varied mixture of crap today, enjoy!

Start work at 8pm tonite. I imagine I'll be in my bed for 4am, fingers crossed. My sleeping pattern has completely reversed itself from "farm time". I am now nocturnal again *sigh*

My thoughts on the Warrior before I have to get into work mode. First I wanna say that Tom Hardy is one of the most intense actors I've ever watched. His role in Bronson actually scared me and the same for this film.

This is a mans movie no doubt, the subject matter is MMA (that's mixed martial arts to you girly folk ) but within in this story is weaved a tale of confrontation, redemption and ultimately the fucked up-ness of an Irish boxing family in America the Conlons. If you've seen Fighter, you will want to see this.

But within the movies brutality there are short bursts of actual emotion, ones that gave me a lump in my throat and one particular scene that gave me tear,. am not telling which.

If your after a movie with emotional heart as well as physical, adrenalin pumped heart this is a must watch.

Suffice to say that this movie is worthy of an Oscar, which aren't far away but when it comes down to it probably won't because it's not so artsy fartsy enough for the film bigwigs.

The work crew keep asking me to go drinking with them  but I can't bring myself to waste hard earned cash by pissing it down the toilet bowl, not when 2 drinks cost an hours wages. Eventually am gonna have to give in to the peer pressure. Don't get me wrong I like them all, they are a pretty cool bunch, it's just they kinda drink 5 nites a week and that is not who I am.

So the dilemma is, do I go out some nite and try to drink em all under the table and show em who's boss or just have a few and limp home early like a fecking eejit. I hate the minefield that is sociability.

The book am reading, Inheritance. The one which I wrote about here has been lying on the floor now for almost 10 days, I haven't gone near it and I'm not sure why. I read maybe a 5th of it and just abandoned it. It's not my book, i borrowed it from Anne (German off course) with a deadline of 3 weeks to read it. She has gone and I guess it's mine now and maybe with no pressure to read it it'll get finished.


Mynx said...

Hoping to get to see Sherlock Holmes this weekend. Probably more my style.

Sounds like you are having fun in the new job. Cant help you on the quandary. That is your decision

ThomasMcCool said...

ahh Mynx, the effervescent Robert Downey Junior. I pretty much guarantee you'll like it. If not I'll eat my Sheleighly, umm hat! I meant hat!

and ur right my decision to make.